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Electric Unit

Electric Powered

One 20 foot container

650 scfm, 2000 scfm

To 5000 psig discharge

Spill containment base

Roof-mounted Heat Exchangers direct the hot cooling air up and away from the equipment and surrounding


Portable Offshore

Nitrogen Generators


Built To Meet ATEX Requirements

  • ​DNV 2.7-1 Containers

  • Less Than 13,000kg, 28,660lbs

  • N2 Flows to 22 m3/min, 750 scfm

Systems can be in single or multiple containers.

Designed for offshore use and trailer mounting


Diesel Powered

  • One or Two Engines

  • Rigsafe or Full Zone 2

Electric Powered

  • Stationary or Protable

  • Explosion Proof, ATEX


Mobile Diesel or Diesel-Electric

Powered Nitrogen Generators


Chassis Mounted Systems Available With Rates as High as 34m3/min, 1200 scfm, & Purities From 95% to 99.5%

Trailer Mounted Systems Available with Rates as High as 50m3/min, 1800 scfm & Purities From 95% to 99.5%

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